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    Task Scheduler - Convert Files ??????

    Chris Clouser

      I'm running Convert Files for the first time ever.  Figured I should probably do this every few years and update all the read-only library files, etc.


      This has been a nightmare.  First, it needs to open SW, open the part, and then save, and then close SWX.  Rinse.  Repeat.


      That means if you use the setting that opens the last stuff you were working on when you shut down SWX, well, it basically won't work.


      Also, you need to shut off all addins.


      Once you've figured all this out, it's best to create a dummy user with a dumbed-down seat of SWX (no add ins turned on, etc) and let it run on that account.


      I've converted a couple of folders so far.  There are lots of failures.  Most of these failures I easily opened and saved on my own after the fact.  So I'm wondering why all the failures.  Only one so far had an error message pop up when I opened it.  But I would say I had to manually convert about 30 out of maybe 500 files.


      Now another problem I'm having is one folder I'm trying to convert has 14,000 files.  It ran about 500 last night and stopped.  Maybe because the computer went to sleep?  This morning, it's processing a file for over an hour.  I've seen it do that, but it is actually on to other files, the display hangs.  I tried to refresh and now it is just blank.


      Any advice?  Am I asking too much to expect this tool to do what it was intended to do?

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          Jeff Sweeney

          I assume you mean the "File Version Upgrade" utility, not the "Convert Files" task?  ...are you asking about the Workgroup function or the PDM Standarrd/Pro?

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              Chris Clouser

              If you open the Task Scheduler, its the first task:  Convert Files.


              This will update our files to the newest version, or it is supposed to.


              We are not using any PDM at this point, although looking forward to trying PDM Standard soon.


              I don't see anything called "File Version Upgrade" on the 2016 Task Scheduler.

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                  John Stoltzfus

                  What happened???? 


                  Did your shift key just do the first letter of the word ~~~~~  you fooled me, your other posts are all caps


                  The only thing I use Task Scheduler for is to update an entire folder Custom Properties. 


                  I have a  macro that I run when I open up a drawing, but I don't think you would be interested in running that macro since you have a mountain of information to process, however there might be a way you could schedule to run the macro with Task Scheduler...

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                      Chris Clouser

                      I thought that was the point of the task scheduler.  If I run "Convert Files" and point it to a folder, it begins converting everything to 2016, which is what I want.  It opens SWX, opens the next file in line, saves it, and then closes SWX.  And then keeps doing it over and over.


                      My problem is that it doesn't seem to work on large folders.  It gets to some point and hangs or doesn't show what's happening or something.  Refresh doesn't work, so at that point, with no change in the display, I have no idea if it's even working or not.


                      To worsen the situation, this all needs to be done after hours so that the work flow is not interrupted.  VARS don't realize that many of us work after-hours and weekends.  So to get help from a VAR while the problem is occurring is nearly impossible.


                      AND THAT'S A FACT! (THERE I GOT THE CAPS BACK ON)

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                          Craig Schultz

                          Can you set it up under Network Monitor?  Set up a coordinator and a bunch of node computers.


                          I haven't done the convert task in years.  But that's how it worked, long, drawn out, and it would hang after a while.  Do you actually need to convert all of them?  We went on to just convert as needed aka when the parts changed.  There was less of a headache that way.

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                              Chris Clouser

                              I saw that, but for now I'm just trying to get it to work at the most basic level!!


                              I started chomping away at smaller folders, which will be a lot of manual work to go through all our folders and convert each one.


                              When I get a folder going, it takes a really long time before anything even starts happening!


                              Then, the status fields aren't updating.  It worked on one folder after a reboot, but the second folder I tried does not show status.


                              Am I the only one having problems with this tool?

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                      Viktor Bovzdarenko

                      Hi Chis

                      There is an Update And Save macro in  #TASK  library; this allows to save file in current version of SolidWorks. Just choose needed one from a dropdown. #TASK  will restart SolidWorks if it crashes for some reason. It allows to convert thousands of files without any troubles.