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Task Scheduler - Convert Files ??????

Question asked by Chris Clouser on Mar 18, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2016 by Chris Clouser

I'm running Convert Files for the first time ever.  Figured I should probably do this every few years and update all the read-only library files, etc.


This has been a nightmare.  First, it needs to open SW, open the part, and then save, and then close SWX.  Rinse.  Repeat.


That means if you use the setting that opens the last stuff you were working on when you shut down SWX, well, it basically won't work.


Also, you need to shut off all addins.


Once you've figured all this out, it's best to create a dummy user with a dumbed-down seat of SWX (no add ins turned on, etc) and let it run on that account.


I've converted a couple of folders so far.  There are lots of failures.  Most of these failures I easily opened and saved on my own after the fact.  So I'm wondering why all the failures.  Only one so far had an error message pop up when I opened it.  But I would say I had to manually convert about 30 out of maybe 500 files.


Now another problem I'm having is one folder I'm trying to convert has 14,000 files.  It ran about 500 last night and stopped.  Maybe because the computer went to sleep?  This morning, it's processing a file for over an hour.  I've seen it do that, but it is actually on to other files, the display hangs.  I tried to refresh and now it is just blank.


Any advice?  Am I asking too much to expect this tool to do what it was intended to do?