Aaron Hayden

Cosmetic thread won't display?

Discussion created by Aaron Hayden on Nov 20, 2007
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2008 by 1-7KHSPD
Hi all,

We've had a problem from time to time (about 10% of the time) where cosmetic thread with callout is selected in the hole wizard options, but the actual cosmetic thread does not show up in the detail drawing when you insert model items. In the past to fix it we have gone back to the hole wizard, turned off the cosmetic thread, exited the hole wizard, edited the hole wizard again, and turned the cosmetic thread with callout back on. Then it would display properly when you insert model items. However, now that we've upgraded SW 2007 to SP 5 it seems that some parts will not display any cosmetic threads in the detail views no matter what you do. We just upgraded a week or two ago and it seems this issue showed up about the same time. Anyone run into this and find a work around?