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Model Part Numbering Methods

Question asked by Dune House on Mar 18, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2017 by John Stoltzfus


During the process of starting and completing a design, is it possible to maintain a clean part numbering or naming system? A method that doesnt require any renaming. For example there are going to be parts discarded in the process of designing. So how do you maintain a logical system without having holes in your numbering or naming?



I design a furnace using between 100 and 300 different parts.

Preliminary design goes to client. “We would like to change this and that”. And so because a furnace is a sandwich of refractories, if I change one piece it can affect 12 or 100 other parts.

And at some stage 50 parts may be altered. 25 may be deleted. And so on and so on.

Right now for part naming I use generic things like “1 floor brick 1300.sldprt”.  Meaning first layer of refractory on the floor using 1300 degree brick etc..

And this might go on to brick 38 for the first layer.

And then there are 5 or more layers of different bricks. And then brick 14 and 26 get removed from layer 2 and bricks 5 and 23 get removed from layer 5. So any numbering or naming system goes out the window.

So by the time the design is finalised, the file naming of parts looks like a set of teeth on a homeless person. There are gaps everywhere and it's pretty messy.



4 weeks using Solidworks. 10 years autocad, inventor, NX.

I'm a one man band, so I can choose any method of numbering/ naming whatsoever. Simple, clean and precise is the goal.