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    Revision symbol added to notes

    Jim Bourque


      I'm tired of people asking me what the hexagon shape symbol is with the number in it, on my drawings. Is there an easy way to add that symbol to a note  that we all can pull from our standard library and add it to our drawings? The 5 notes you see here are pulled from a list in a shared library and I want to be able to do the same with the symbol note.


      Revison Symbol.JPG


      Thank you - Jim

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          Alexey Groutso

          If I'm understanding you correctly, you want that line to be added as note 6. All you need to do is make a new note "1. SYMBOL "SPACE WITH HEXAGON BORDER" CORRESPONDS WITH CHANGES MADE TO CURRENT REVISION." press enter when you done and it should turn it into numbered list with 2. in the next line, then delete the two so only one line remains (you can also do it through formatting manager.


          Then simply save it to the library.


          When you drag it back into drawings make sure you don't have "disable note merging when dragging" option checked in Drawings menu.

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            Eric Blankinship



            Hello the easiest way to create a library with default notes like this is to use "styles" in the annotation feature.


            First you will want to create a location that everyone can save and load styles from.  Next you will want to create an annotation with the text exactly as you want it.  Then with the note clicked hit the "Add or Update a Style" .  Next Click "Save a Style" and select the location you want it to be accessed from.


            Now anytime someone wants to add this note to a drawing all they need to do is insert a empty annotation and can do one of 2 ways.

            A. One time setup of the File location for all users to default path to the folder where the styles are saved.  If this is done selecting the note is as easy as clicking on the drop down arrow and selecting the name.

            B. Have people click "Load a style" and path to the location that the style is saved


            btw if you do go with route A the way to set that up is "Tools>Options>File Locations>Dimension/Annotation Favorites"