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I have a mirrored subassembly within my main assembly

Question asked by Harold Black on Mar 17, 2016

I have a subassembly within my main assembly that is mirrored over the main assemblies plane of symmetry. The subassembly has an exploded configuration. In the main assembly when I set up an exploded configuration, I choose "Reuse Subassembly Explode" for the subassembly. When I animate the collapse, the components of one subassembly collapses then the other subassemblies components collapse, and then both subassemblies collapse together onto the part in my main assembly. Is there a away to collapse the parts in both subassemblies at the same time? In other words, the collapse of the components in the subassemblies is happening in series when I want them to occur in parallel i.e simultaneously.