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Rotating sketching views

Question asked by James Smith on Nov 20, 2007
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2007 by Shaodun Lin
I have a question about sketching views, but unsure if it is possible....

i have a rectangular plate drawn parallel and perpdenicular to the right and top planes (drawn on front). I wish to put a slot in the plate at 45degs to one of the planes so i click the front face, select cut and chose normal to. The model then re-orientates itself so the right and top planes are horizontal and vertical. Ideally though i would like the model to be at 45deg. so when i draw the slot i am drawing the slot lines hoizontally and verically.

Any ideas if this is possible ? When i come to dimesnsion on the drawing sheet i can rotate the view by numerical values, but not in the model view.