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Running SolidWorks 2015-16 Student Edition (2015 SP 2) in Windows 10

Discussion created by James Goddings on Mar 17, 2016

Read past the red bit if you want to Run SolidWorks 2015-16 Student Edition (2015 SP 2) in Windows 10.


"I had the trouser (pants for you guys over the pond) soiling experience that my yearly SolidWorks Student subscription finished with one month to go before handing in my Major Project (mechanical Engineering), when all my CAD files were in SolidWorks. I ordered (AND PAID FOR) the new one in time for a quick changeover. Whilst doing it I decided why not make that free upgrade to Windows 10 now SolidWorks 2016 is fully compatible....


As you will know if you are a student subscriber, Dassault do not make the latest version 2016 available to you in that year... In fact they do not even make the latest build version of the last years software available to you 2015 SP5 which is Windows 10 compatible. They make you pay for an older build that does not have all the updates, and in some cases is unstable (from previous experience on older versions).


Anyway enough of a rant ... By the way Dassault you do make the best CAD software with most intuitive user interface I have used, and all CAD students should be able to give it a go. They will never want to use anything else, it is a no brainer to me!  (Most students I know who don't want to pay up just download a torrent version and use it anyway.)"


If you have subscribed for 2015-16 and got SolidWorks 2015 SP2.0, you will notice if you look at the online installation instructions:

• Before proceeding with your SOLIDWORKS installation, please do the following: o Verify that your system meets the criteria specified in www.SOLIDWORKS.com/System_Requirements.

• SOLIDWORKS 2015-2016 Education and Student products are designed for use on Windows® 7 (64-bit only) and Windows 8 operating systems ONLY.  They will not work on Windows XP or Vista.


Run SolidWorks 2015-16 Student Edition (2015 SP 2) in Windows 10 (In Windows 8 compatibility mode).


  1. Upgrade to Windows 10 and make sure you have installed all updates. (This may take a few restarts.)
  2. Install SolidWork2015 SP2 form your DVDs/Download. Ignore the warnings about Windows 10problems. (I had to do this then repair the installation)
  3. SolidWorks will now open but you cannot start new/open a file without it crashing.
  4. Right click on  the SolidWorks 2015 shortcut or executable file and select properties, the bottom dropdown item.

5. Tick/Check Compatibility mode and Select Windows 8 from the dropdown menu below. (Note you do not have to have had Windows 8 or have upgraded from Windows 8 to do this, I upgraded from 7.) Press Apply then OK.


6. Run SolididWorks 2015. (You can restart first if you choose but I did't have to ).


7. You will get a prompt asking if it ran okay in Compatibility Mode after the first time. Answer appropriately.


It appears to be running fine for me after a couple of days use and much quicker than SolidWorks 2014 in Windows 7, on an identical machine.


Hope this stops anyone else from having a panic, ad gets you going again for a deadline.