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Show a sketch from a hidden part

Question asked by Dylan Muller on Mar 17, 2016

I have an assembly which is consists of many parts layed out for acid machining, and the whole thing has been rasterized by the join command (new part, join, select all) so that there are no lines in between the individual parts. However, those parts have two-digit part numbers on them, and due to the nature of the machining process, the part numbers are not actually cut-extruded into the part, but rather, they are just sketches. I need the sketches to appear in my drawing. The problem is, I need the parts used in the join command to stay hidden, and while they are hidden, you cannot click their [+] symbol and go to the sketch you want to see and right click and click show. Which makes me believe that it might be impossible to do this. But what if I did something like copied the sketch to a higher level assembly or something along those lines? Any ideas? There are around 650 part numbers so doing anything that involves clicking them each manually is not really what I'm looking for.