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Saving models as they are after a motion analysis?

Question asked by Nigel Groom on Mar 17, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 17, 2016 by Nigel Groom

Not quite sure of the best way to word this so bear with me..


I've modeled a simple key and keyring, created a simple gravity drop test.


I want the parts modeled as if they've fallen on the ground, in a natural finishing position.


If I try and save a step file from the motion results study however, it saves it as it was before the study took place.


The above link shows the positioning before and after. I want to save a model as it is afterwards.


For those of you wondering why I'm doing this, why I don't just move them to a fallen position, it is because I will need to do this on larger assemblies. I'm only using this keyring model because it's simple and does not lag my computer up while finding the best process to achieve this.


***Edit:*** I have now pursued the path of evaluating each parts XYZ coordinates after the fall, and then manually moving them to these positions. This will be a pain for larger assemblies though, and also I can't accurately determine the rotation because you can only see "delta" rotation.