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Simulation 2015 security  bug or intended behavior?

Question asked by Umberto Zanola on Mar 16, 2016

I am waiting for my SW2015 SP5 to hopefully reinstall.


Before that I noticed a strange thing.

Once I launched the simulation on a simulation machine and then I closed SW to release the license during the calculation and came back to my pc to model using SW.

I remotely connect to the simulation machine as it is monitor-less.

I thought the simulation there was finished and I started preparing another one on my other pc and I launched it as it was not so demanding.

To my surprise the simulation was not finished on the other machine so I had two threads of star.exe running at the same time on different machines without SNL giving me errors.


So this is by design or a security flaw??

If I would start using the software this way it would be illegal to do so from DS licensing policy pov?