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(Mass-)-Rename best practice

Question asked by Christopher Mueller on Nov 20, 2007
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2007 by Christopher Mueller
I work at a company where we build up assemblies that often need aname change in the middle of the project. Usually, this meansswapping out a prefix in the name of the assembly and 90% of itscomponents (all components except the design librarycomponents).

We've been using Pack and Go to accomplish this. We check out theold assembly, run Pack and Go, and then check in the newly namedassembly in PDMWorks. The problems occur when we then try to checkout the new assemblies. All of the design library components aresuddenly unresolved and we need to point to the path of eachcomponent in the new assembly.

Question 1 to the forum: Am I doing something wrong? Does it matterif I check or uncheck the library components when running Pack andGo? They don't get renamed anyway...

Question 2 to the forum: Are there any "Best Practice"methods/ideas/random musings for using PDMWorks to manageassemblies that need to be renamed en masse (excepting designlibrary)?

We are working with SW2007 SP5