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    Block Creation

    Roche Du Toit

      Please Help?

      I'm trying to create a new block for our drawing Templates, and having real frustrating time with SW

      I have drawn a table with some notes


      select all and hit the Make Block button



      When I select the OK button


      It moves one of the notes? Why does it do that???

      when I the try to explode the Block it screws it up completely


        • Re: Block Creation
          John Burrill

          My sympathies.  I remember having a problem like this when trying to make an annotation block.  I can give you some general advice, but I'm afraid the only sure-fire solution is to compensate for the text shift.

          Be that as it may:

          1. when you create your block, make sure you do it on a sheet set to display at 1:1
          2. Create your block over the sheet itself, not on a view
          3. If you've ignored 2, make sure all of the annotations and geometry are either on the same view or on the same sheet (geometry on different view will not be selectable when creating a block, but annotations will be)
          4. make sure that your text isn't an attribute

          If you want to try uploading a drawing with your annotations and geometry, I can try tweaking settings to get the block to come out the way you want it.