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    Hollow loft

    Thu Win

      I can't make a hollow loft.  Whenever I try to loft, it makes a solid surface.

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          Paul Salvador

          ...sadly.. it is because, this softwares functionality is INCONSISTENT and ILLOGICAL..  (yep.. it has ALWAYS BEEN THIS WAY)


          ..for this loft... you did NOT "initially check" the "Thin Feature" box.    (as you did with your first loft)


          If you do NOT select that box.. you will NOT have the option to go back and re-activate the "Thin Feature" option.


          ...SO..................... you have to START OVER.      FUN!!!..........................?


          and,..............................GREAT PROFESSIONAL SOFTWARE!?!?!?!?!?


          oh,.. the next step.... you have to contact your VAR.. and make a enhancement request to get this OBVIOUS FUBAR FIXED!


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              Thu Win

              How does the thin wall feature work?


              And how to make sure the line connects the two surfaces I want to loft?


              And now the file won't open up in the school's Solidworks 2014

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                  Paul Salvador


                  ..it adds thickness (you would not have to add the 1.02mm sketch offset)

                  ..it doesn't, there would be a slight offset/shift between the lofts... that is why I suggest surfaces and add thickness.

                  .. the file you posted was a 2015 file.  (it was not 2014)

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                  Alen Topic

                  Hey Paul,


                  I do agree that functionality needs to be updated, however, Rome was not built in a day. It's up to us to make the software great, and if you look at how its progressing I would say it's amazing (My own opinion). In addition, you do not need your VAR to make an enhancement request, create a customer portal account and you too now have that option.





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                    Eric Blankinship



                    Couldn't he just go and shell the loft instead of having to start from scratch?  If it's an easy fix to recreate the loft better to just do that but if he has half his tree break when removing this feature might just be better to add a shell.


                    Just roll the tree back to where you create the loft and uncheck merge result (this fortunately can be altered post creation) add shell command to the newly created loft body equal to how you'd want the thin feature and then use combine to add the "thin-feature loft" back to the rest of the model