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Automatically moving library parts to project folder

Question asked by Samuel Leith on Mar 16, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2016 by Eric Blankinship

Hi Folks,

I use and continuously build design libraries that contain purchased parts I use most often on projects (hardware, electrical, pneumatic, etc etc).

From bad experience I don't use the toolbox and instead choose to use my own design library, which has worked perfectly well for me so far.


The number of projects obviously keeps increasing over time.  The way I've organized my files, project folders contain EVERYTHING related to a project, from quote to 3D to drawings to engineering documents, pictures, test results, user manuals, purchases, invoices etc etc.

Literally the only thing that is relevant to the project that is not in the project folder are all library components.


Would there be a way for me to automatically move the library components to the project folder when they are used in that specific project?

Essentially instead of references linking to my design library, I would want the reference to link to a location within the project folder.


I know pack-and-go seems to do what I am describing, but not quite (I am only talking about design libraries, not entire projects). I want my design library to simply be a source for common 3D parts that I used, but when I drag and drop one in my design, I want it to save a copy to the project folder. This way the project folder truly contains everything related to the project. I can modify parts in the design library for future use, without affecting the instances when it was used in the past.


Thanks for your help.