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Features on imported geometry

Question asked by Lasse Nielsen on Mar 16, 2016

Hello SolidWorks forum,


I often receive STEP files from vendors of part I need for assemblies I create as part of my job. Some of these STEP files is VERY detailed with fillets, threads, embossed writings and symbols for the molding process etc.


When I import these files I makes sure that they are fully repaired and I also check for faulty faces and edges before saving it as SolidWorks file for later us. According to the performance Evaluation tool a file containing only imported geometry takes 0.00 seconds to rebuild regardless of the detailing level, but is this true?


I was wondering if I removed some features from the imported geometry, then saved it out as a new STEP file and re-imported that file, made my repairs and then saved the new feature-reduced files as SolidWorks file, will it than be faster, slower or equal.