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BOM, all parts remain highlighted

Question asked by Torrence Pineau on Mar 16, 2016

Hello all,


I am new to Solidworks Composer and am running into  problem. When I create a BOM, I hover over the various parts in my BOM to try and highlight the part in my model. The part  highlights, but when I go to another part on the list, the first part remains highlighted. I can continue to try and hover over parts until all the parts are highlighted. It also does  same thing if I try to hover over a part in the model.


I would like to use the program as it is supposed to be used, where If I hover over a part in the BOM, ONE part will highlight in the model. If I do not have the BOM in my view, I am able to highlight parts on my model with no problem.


Im not sure if this is a hardware issue or a settings issue. I currently a Quadro 2000, with 4GB of ram.