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    Graphik problems on Surface Book with Nvidia

    Stefan Schmolke

      I have SolidWorks 2016 SP2 and a 4K screen as external Monitor on my Surface Book i7 8GB 256GB Nvidia GTX950. On avery action I do the screen shows the content of that second Monitor a second time but only 2 third of the size of the full size3840x2160 px I use. After one second this ghost Picture will go away. I had to recover my Surface Book already but before I managed easily to avoid those ghost Pictures but now I can't remember how. Does anybody has this problem to and knows what to do to avoid it again?

      Now I have a new problem: When I attach the Center of a circle on a spline and give to much measures to that circle and the geometry beside this connection don't hold any longer and the center moves away from the spline. Following SolidWorks hotline this results from graphik adapter.

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          John Burrill

          Well, the video card isn't certified for Solidworks but that doesn't mean it won't work

          It sounds like the maximum screen resolution of the Surface book might be the identifying factor and that your video card doesn't support 4K output in the OpenGL buffer.

          you might try tweaking your display buffering settings in the nVidia Control panel.  Try turning off triple-buffering.
          Another thing to check is the motherboard GPU.  Most notebooks come with the intel HD video chipset integrated into them.  It's possible that the display pipeline is getting output from both your onboard GPU and your nVidia graphics card.  You might try disabling the onboard video in the BIOS on start-up.
          If this is a recent development, I would try rolling your video card driver back to an earlier release.  Since GeForce cards aren't certified for Solidworks, it may be that a change in the way displays are switched in the driver could introduce this new behavior as an artifact.

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              Stefan Schmolke

              thank you for your answer, John. Unfortunately I can enter the Bios only for the start oportunities and the other standard things but nothing to stop one of the GPU's. The bios allows only a few general settings. There also don't exist any real Nvidia control panel, only a smal version where I can specify which programs should run the external Nvidia GPU. But you're right it seams that both GPU's are trying to offer a Picture on 4K external screen.