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    Trying to Print partially shaded drawings

    Scott Baugh

      I am building a drawings showing the steps to create our machine. Each step has shaded parts within a drawing view showing the parts per that step. All the other parts are black outline. I am using Display states in my assembly to control what is shaded and what is HLR.


      Something like this:

      Problem is when I go to print. Its killing me... I have been trying to print a 12 page drawing for nearly 3 hours now and I am only at Sheet 7. I tried doing them all at once but after 1.75 hours I stopped. Then I printed 1-5 and it only took at few minutes, because none of those drawings were shaded. Then I printed just Sheet 6 which took over 35 minutes for the printer to start. Now I am been waiting 30 minutes now for Sheet 7 to start. While I am waiting for the printer to start SW locks me out from using it... My manager is a pretty upset that its taking SW this long to print out 12 pages and I am only at sheet 7.


      This seems like a SW issue and not a printer issue. Why can't SW print out shaded views faster?           Paint dries faster than this!!! ARGGH!!!!

      I have 4-5 more large assembly drawings I have to make like this.


      I am sending this over a wireless network directly to out Epson WF 7610 printer, not through a router. The printer sits maybe 10 ft from me. I am using SW 2015 SP5


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          Glenn Schroeder

          Scott Baugh wrote:


          This seems like a SW issue and not a printer issue.

          I'm not sure about that Scott.  I print out drawings with shaded views all the time on the HP desk top printer beside my chair (which is hard-wired to my computer), and I can't tell that it prints them out any slower than if they don't have shaded views.  Maybe it's an issue with your wireless?  Do you have a printer somewhere that's hard-wired to a computer where you can try it out?  Have you tried saving the drawing as a pdf and printing from that?



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              Scott Baugh

              As for the PDF option. I tried that but for some reason my notes changed color midway. Our notes are normally bold red and it switches randomly back to bold black when saving as a PDF.


              I tested out my dell Printer that sits a little closer than the Epson and it printed the drawing out on 8.5x11 in under 7 minutes. So to prove the theory that the printer needs to be closer I moved the Epson within just a couple of feet of my PC and I its been about 10 minutes now and I am still waiting. I called Epson support and that was a further waste of my time. They blamed everything else as being the problem.


              When its sending the print I see this:


              The green bar on the left is moving to the right just like the green within the SW icon. The print Queue tells me nothing. After the green fills up and goes away SW is still locking me out from using. Granted the printer has yet to start either.


              The wireless network says Excellent connection and when I ping the printer I get no packet loss and some decent times:

              And that is with the job that I am still waiting on to print.


              Is there another port I should use or something??

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                Scott Baugh

                FYI - I went ahead and sent the PDF to the printer and it printed it out in like 5 seconds... seems like a SW issue to me still.

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                Mark Kaiser

                I am sure if this is an option for you, it has already been tried: