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Trying to Print partially shaded drawings

Question asked by Scott Baugh on Mar 16, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 17, 2016 by Mark Kaiser

I am building a drawings showing the steps to create our machine. Each step has shaded parts within a drawing view showing the parts per that step. All the other parts are black outline. I am using Display states in my assembly to control what is shaded and what is HLR.


Something like this:

Problem is when I go to print. Its killing me... I have been trying to print a 12 page drawing for nearly 3 hours now and I am only at Sheet 7. I tried doing them all at once but after 1.75 hours I stopped. Then I printed 1-5 and it only took at few minutes, because none of those drawings were shaded. Then I printed just Sheet 6 which took over 35 minutes for the printer to start. Now I am been waiting 30 minutes now for Sheet 7 to start. While I am waiting for the printer to start SW locks me out from using it... My manager is a pretty upset that its taking SW this long to print out 12 pages and I am only at sheet 7.


This seems like a SW issue and not a printer issue. Why can't SW print out shaded views faster?           Paint dries faster than this!!! ARGGH!!!!

I have 4-5 more large assembly drawings I have to make like this.


I am sending this over a wireless network directly to out Epson WF 7610 printer, not through a router. The printer sits maybe 10 ft from me. I am using SW 2015 SP5