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    Surface Area Problem

    Jason Farber


      Each block in the above picture 1" x 1" x 1"

      The surface area of each block is 6 in^2

      When I mate the blocks together as shown, two of the sides are touching and hidden.

      The surface area of this assembly should be 10 in^2 but solidworks says it is 12 in^2.

      Is there a way to have it calculate correctly the surface area "without" drawing the assembly as one object instead of two?

      Note:  This is just a simplified example of something I am trying to do.

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          Bob Van Dick



          Maybe this issue is tied to SolidWorks inability to handle ZTG.....maybe it is a setting in regards to how SolidWorks calculates area when dealing with surfaces that touch.



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            Dan Pihlaja

            Well, in reality, since those two are mated, the surface area really hasn't changed.  Those two surfaces haven't been "absorbed" they are still there.  What you are looking for is the external surface area of the assembly.

            The only way that I know of is to select all the visible surfaces and then use your measure tool.


            I do understand that there might be too many to select in some assemblies, so failing that, there is this method:


            assemblies/surface area/Paint calculations


            And then there is this macro:


            3D ContentCentral


            Although I cannot speak for the accuracy\ validity\safety of the macro.

            I never used it, I just did a Google search.