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Finishing threads started with 2016 thread tool

Question asked by Steven Soeder on Mar 15, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2016 by Ben Ben

So I've been playing with the SW 2016 thread tool.

I want to know how others are handling the finishing off of threads created with this tool.

I've got my custom profiles setup - but the 2016 tool doesn't offer any options for lead-in or wash-out, which is important for me to capture as we'll be using these thread models for Abaqus simulation.  Trying to capture thread washout and accurate geometry of male/female members.


What kind of workflows have the rest of you developed for "finishing" threads created using the tool?



For washout, I'm currently using a variable pitch helix, and tying it to the profile using equations.

For lead-in, I just drew a profile and used equations to set the chamfer depth to .01" deeper (per side) than the minor diameter.  This is representative of our thread cutting practices.


I went this route because I wanted to keep things parametric.

It was a little clunky to setup, but now I can change pitch/diameters easily and it all updates.

One caveat - since I used the intersect tool to create one of the sketches, when I go to a finer pitch than the original SW does create extra sketch entities which I do have to go in and delete.  But that's a pretty quick and easy thing to deal with.


E.g.: example file attached of a buttress thread I was playing with.