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Wire numbering, this probably is not possible but I'll ask anyway

Question asked by perry leets on Mar 15, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 18, 2016 by perry leets

I need to have wires named by the following concatenation:

The file name of the sheet, I.e. 341201

The wire number

The wire color

The wire length


Here is an example of what they should look like




There are a couple shielded pairs and triples on this sheet which is named "341201". Note that the cable cores have the SAME wire number, but are differentiated by color. The cables (and cores) are numbered sequentially from top of page to bottom regardless of cable type (pair/triple/CAT5).


Here is the formula I am using: FILE_TAG + "-" + STRZ(VAL(WIRE_ORDERNO), 3, 0) + WIRE_COLOR. This gets me pretty close, but I still get duplicate wire names. Looks as if different cable types are grouped and get their own sequences, so you can have an ethernet cable with cores numbered xxxx-001 and a twisted pair with cores numbered xxxxx-001 both on the same page.

I don’t see any variables in the formula manager (like cable name) that might help. I CAN get it to look like I want by using "HARNESS_TAG" but then EVERY cable and wire must be made into its own harness. That means I can not employ harness's they way they are meant to be used.