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    Save As vs. Pack and Go. Bug, or as intended?

    Adam Snow

      I don't want to report it as a bug if it is meant to function this way, so let me know your opinions.

      If I use Pack and Go, I can save a copy of all referenced files to a new folder.

      If I choose Save As - Include All Referenced Components, I get nothing...

      I played with it for ten minutes and finally noticed the Save As option has radio buttons to include a prefix or suffix (one is always on, never both). Pack and Go uses checkboxes, and they can both be off, or on, or one can be on while the other is off.


      If I don't enter anything into the prefix or suffix field under Save As, I can press Save and the assembly (in this case) gets saved, but no additional files go along with it. There is also no error to suggest that anything might be wrong.


      In my mind both tools should function the same, and the Pack and Go option is the better choice. If Save As must work that way for some reason, the Save button needs to be greyed out until the required input is entered.


      And on a related note, why is there still a File - Find References? Does it do anything special? It just seems to launch Pack and Go.

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          Chris Saller

          I honestly have never used the Save As/Include all referenced components option.

          I have always used Pack and Go.

          But, I tried it, I see the problem. It does not copy the components, but saves the references of the components within the assy.

          I don't see the purpose of this. Maybe others here see it?

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            Kelvin Lamport

            The Save as function works fine for me.

            When you use the Advanced option to select the destination folder, are you selecting the Save all as copy option?


            The Find References function just lists the references for visual use. It looks similar to P&G, but doesn't have the same abilities.

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                Adam Snow


                When I choose the Advanced option from Save As (Include all referenced components), I get a copy of my sldasm file in my destination folder. Nothing else, no referenced parts go along with it.

                That said, I just tried it three times.

                Attempt #1 I got only my assembly copied into the new folder.

                Attempt #2 and 3 I got a copy of my assembly, and all of the associated parts...


                I've tested this on a few PCs, and I've had other people get the same result, so I don't think I'm going crazy. I'll keep playing with it and see if I can narrow down how/why it seems to work sometimes and not at others.