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BOM options User Specified Name instead of Document Name

Question asked by Ellie Finch on Mar 15, 2016

Hi Guys,


I've been working on a project that has hundreds (slight exaggeration) of different yet really similar parts to it, and they're all based on a previous project for the same client. So to start the project I Pack and Go'd the previous project (which was mostly completed by a colleague) with a different part number and edited those rather than starting from scratch. HOWEVER - I am now finding that with every part the number in the BOM is still the OLD part number, and Soildworks has decided to use a "User Specified Name" in the BOM options of each part INSTEAD of the Document Number, causing a whole load of extra hassle.


So I have 2 questions -


1) Is it possible to change the BOM options for each part without going into the part, properties and selecting "Document Name". Doing it en masse will save a hell of a lot of time and effort.


2) Is there a way to change what Solidworks automatically selects in the BOM options? I always want it to display the document name and not a "User Specified Name".