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    Short cut keys different for delete.

    Dale Rosema

      I was reading through UI stuff today (we wereupgraded to 2008 over the weekend) and then I came across this.Trying to delete a sketch and then a feature has two different hotkeys for the same things. Why? In the sketch mode you have to use"L" and in the feature mode you have to use "D". Can anyonedescribe the logic behind this? Thanks, Dale

        • Short cut keys different for delete.
          Wayne Tiffany
          While it's good to know those shortcuts exist, I hardly ever use them as they are not consistent. If you look at a menu, then turn on other items in that menu, you will find that a chortcut letter will likely be repeated, and the one you had and want may not be the first of that letter any more. I once picked a menu and found 5 instances of a letter used.

          I know you can't change them, and I'm not even sure if SW can change them - they are a Windows function. (Maybe they can, I really don't know.)

          So my advice is always to see what your system has that is consistent, and if you find one that does what you want of it, by all means use it. But keep in mind that you may go to your neighbor's machine and it could be different based on what menu items he as showing.

          • Short cut keys different for delete.
            David Edwards
            I haven't played enough with 2008 yet to know how inconsistent the menus are but in 2007 it is horrible. Depending on what, where, when, how and if the wind is blowing the menu shortcuts are all different, especially for delete. I have given up trying to guess what letter they are assigning keys anymore and just use the menus. Sometimes delete is 'D', other times it's 'L' and other times it's 'E'. What's really fun is when you try to delete something and hit 'D' and it brings up the Mate dialog or Add Configuration... o.O
            • Short cut keys different for delete.
              Matt Lombard
              In a default install of SW, L is the hotkey for Line, and D is unassigned.

              I must be reading your question wrong. Why would you assign a hot key for Delete? It has its own automatic hot key (the Delete key).

              Anyway, sometimes the Delete key accidentally gets assigned to other features when you try to delete the hot key assignment in the hotkey interface.

              Are you saying that two different hotkeys for Delete are documented in the 2008 What's New? What version are you using? sp0, 0.1 or 1.0ev? I have to admit, I'm a little confused by your question. I don't understand what relevance the image has. It is showing right mouse button menus, which are different on features and sketches.

              Could be that I'm clueless, but I don't get it.
              • Short cut keys different for delete.
                Jim Wilkinson
                Due to the nature of the shortcut (right mouse button) menus, it isnot possible for us to exactly control what letter will get theaccelerator key. The content of these shortcut menus varies widelydepending on the document type, what is currently selected, what isin your model, how you have customized the visibility of commandsin the menu, etc. We do control the accelerator keys on the toplevel menus for the application since the content of these menus isfixed, but as some users have pointed out in the thread, we can'thelp using the same letter multiple times since you simply run outof letters available in the words when there are many commands in amenu. Microsoft actually accounted for this issue and if you hit ashared letter multiple times, it will cycle through the differentcommands. Then since it just cycles to it and stops, you need aseparate keystroke to act on it and depending on the situation, youuse either the space bar or enter. For instance, in a menu, it isenter to execute the command or expand a menu flyout; in a dialog,you hit space to turn on/off a check box that has focus (sinceenter is still used to say OK to the dialog).

                I am sorry that this is a source of frustration. In cases wherethere is a common command you use a lot on various objects, I wouldrecommend assigning a keyboard shortcut through Tools, Customize,Keyboard.
                • Short cut keys different for delete.
                  Shawn Applegate
                  I could understand how this could be frustrating, but, in line with what Matt said, just use the delete key. There is no need to right click and choose delete for anything.

                  I have everything setup as keyboard shortcuts. I can't really think of a time when I right click, except to maybe use obscure options occasionally.