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BOM Contents in Solidworks 2008 - Hard to find

Question asked by Andy Sanders on Nov 19, 2007
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2008 by Tim R
I'm doing a Bill of Materials for the first time in 08.

I like to look at the "BOM Contents" listing to see if I have all the balloons shown on the drawing. It's a handy tool for that, just look at the little eyeglass icon next to the line item in the BOM.

Well, it seems they took the buttons that used to be in the property manager (BOM Contents, Table Properties, etc) out. Surely they didn't remove this functionality?

I looked high and low in the Help for where this went, and by sheer accident, I discovered where to at least find the BOM Contents.

Click on the BOM in the drawing, and you will see 3 tiny arrows on the left side of the item list. Click this, and it will "shoot out" the BOM contents list!

It's kind of slick this way, but man was it hard to find.

It is not documented at all in the help, as far as I can find.

I hope this helps someone!