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    Rounding edges of point cloud data

      Hi all,
      I have some non-symmetrical cushion data that I am reading in as apoint cloud. I'm then using Scanto3D to convert it to a surface.The surface wizard is altering the position of the corner points.Is there a way to stop this from happening, as the corner pointsneed to remain in their imported position.
      I've attached a typical set of data points that I'm using to importas a point cloud.

      Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide.

        • Rounding edges of point cloud data
          Ricky Jordan
          Hello Paul,

          I was able to get a surface with sharp corners by using a Manual Surface Extraction (B-Spline option) followed by a surface trim using a sketch.

          This point cloud is not very dense, that is the reason there are all the "lumps and bumps" in the resultant surface.

          You could probably get a much better result creating a boundary surface or loft surface manually. You can snap points of the construction curves (splines) to the mesh. If you use SW2008, you have better mesh snap options through the use of the Section View tool as well as the Curve Wizard.

          Hope this helps.

          Best Regards,
            • Rounding edges of point cloud data

              Hi Ricky,


              Thanks for your reply.

              The point cloud is imported from excel and will be around 10times more dense than the file I posted. I want to try and write amacro that will automatically create the surface once the pointcloud is imported so using boundary surfaces would not bepractical. One option that you mentioned that might work isover-sizing the surface then cutting it back down to size to ensuresquare edges. The square edges are required as I am then offsettinga rectangle of the same size and extruding up to the surface tocreate a solid, which will then be sent to a milling machine viasolid CAM.