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Question asked by 1-8PYKXZ on Nov 19, 2007
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2007 by 1-8PYKXZ
Please see the attached model.

I have created a sheet metal part, I then added two sketch profiles which I intended to be used for a "lofted bend" to blend in with the existing sheet metal body.

Problem is that the "lofted bend" option is blanked out?? Even if it wasn't blanked out, I'm not sure if it would've blended in very well.

I also tried creating a normal loft feature which I would probably be able to blend in alot better (probably with alot of work). The problem with this is that I am then unable to flat patten the object.

Can anyone give me a few suggestions or even play around with the attached model and re-post it as an example.

My sheetmetal and surfacing skills are a little sketchy so please pardon anything "stupid"