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    Place drawing view back on sheet

    Corne Bassa

      Every now and then my drawing view moves to the far end of the screen. (hundreds of metres from the sheet)

      When i use the "zoom all" command, i see 2 black dots in my screen: the drawing view on the left, the sheet on the right.

      Moving the drawing view, requires to zoom in, but dragging the view to the sheet would take hours this way.


      Only option i know now is to delete the drawing view, and start again, but this happens quite often.

      (the model is locked on 3 planes, it doesn't  move)


      Please help

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          Deepak Gupta

          Do you've any sketch entity/plane in view or model that expand too far away?

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            Steve Calvert

            You kind of need to figure out why the drawing view is going rogue on you...


            My first guess would be that you've got something going on in your model space.  Check and make sure the part/assy is either fixed or cannot move.


            I just did a test and dragged a view way off the page (BTW, I love the new 'Zoom To Sheet'), selected it by window and dragged it back (or real close since I was zoomed out real far.


            Steve C

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              Glenn Schroeder

              Welcome to the forum.  I have no idea why a drawing view would move on it's own, but you shouldn't need to delete it and start over.  Click on it to highlight it, Ctrl+X, then click on your sheet and Ctrl+V.  Or if you aren't comfortable with cutting it you could copy it with Ctrl+C, then delete the original after pasting the copy on your drawing sheet.


              In the meantime you might want to get your VAR involved to see why your views are moving.

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                Eric Blankinship

                If this happens it shouldn't take that long to move the view back.  You can zoom in to select the view handle.  While holding left click zoom back out again and you should still have the movement handle in your control.  Now you can move it great distances back to the drawing regardless of how far it's been moved no problem.

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                    Corne Bassa

                    Thank you for the welcome the help!


                    As said, my assembly in modelspace is (like Always) mated on planes, so it fixed.

                    Zoom to sheet... still working in 2014, so not available for me.


                    Eric, you were not quite right, but it led me to the solution

                    Wat you say does not quite work. "While holding left click zoom back out again"

                    I cannot click left when i have to hold the view window with my left mouse button.

                    (if i release the left button, and zoom out a little, the hold of the drawing view is lost)

                    Pressing (f) does not work, and the zoom range of the scroll wheel is limited (like 0.1 % of the range i need)


                    Anyway, i tried again with the 3d mouse, the zoom range limitation is not aplicable to it.

                    Clicked and hold the drawing view window, and zoomed out with the 3d mouse did the job.

                    (I had to disable everything on the 3d mouse, exept the zoomfuction first)