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Using section view made in assembly in a drawing?

Question asked by Richard Yang on Mar 14, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2016 by Greg Hynd

Hi there,


I made a section view in a Solidworks assembly that shows only the front portion of a design, so that everything behind it doesn't show and confuse the viewer (since the front object has holes). When I tried to move it over to a drawing, the sectioned portion would be deleted, and go back to showing what used to be behind the object. Is there any way to have views in a Solidwork drawing where I can basically hide anything behind a certain plane?


For example.

Object 1                         Object 2

{}                                         [====]


From the left hand view, I should only see {} from that side, not anything from object 2. This is easy in a section view in an assembly, since I can just make a section view to cut in between the two objects, and then set my orientation to left hand side to see that side of object 1 without anything from object 2 showing from behind. I can't seem to move that over to a drawing after i've saved the section view, nor can I replicate something similar in a drawing. Section views in drawings don't do what I want either from my current knowledge, since it would give me the view from in between object 1 and 2 if I cut in between.


Is there anything I can do to only display the front most objects in a view and hide anything behind it? Let me know if I need to include more information to make this question more clear.






To clarify what I am asking, see the example I have created below. This is the isometric display for the 2 "levels" of objects in my design. I want to be able to create a front view in my drawing where I only see the objects in level A, so basically nothing from panel B will be showing and confuse viewers.

In the assembly this is easy, I just make a section view and set the plane to somewhere between the two levels.

Click "OK", change my orientation to front, and voila, all I see is a front side view of level A.

How can I do this in drawings?



NOTE: Also note that I would like to do the same for the left hand view. Same idea applies, only I would like a left hand view with only the front most item showing.