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    SW to ProE

    Gregg S
      I have a customer who wants all of our designs in ProE.

      If I design them in SW, can I export them to ProE w/o losing thefeature tree on parts/dwgs and assemblies?
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          Designer Designer
          I think the result will not perfect.
          May be you can try to search a special converter.

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            John Lhuillier
            Not without having a good translator. Drawings won't translate to Pro E drawings and models will come in as dumb solids directly from Solidworks.
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              Kelvin Lamport
              SW07 and 08 can export to Pro/E V20. I assume that means with features, but cannot verify that.
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                  Christopher Thompson
                  I use both SolidWorks Office Premium and Pro/Engineer Wildfire 2.0 & 3.0. Contact me directly, and I can test converting the parts into Pro-E. Do you have an email address you can provide? I may be able to provide more help if I am not too busy with other projects.

                  The SolidWorks files will most likely need to be saved as a *.STEP format. The features will need to be recreated in Pro-E. It is rumored that Pro-E W.F. 4.0 will have a tool similar to "FeatureWorks". I do not know how reliable it is, as SolidWork's FeatureWorks has problems converting complex Pro-E parts into feature-based SW parts. It will probably be the same problem in reverse.

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                  Kelvin Lamport
                  Thanks Chris.

                  It's a shame that WF does not import with features. SW has the built-in import translator for WF features. I haven't been able to compare a SW import to the WF original though.
                  Maybe it's the SW export Pro/E format that is at fault.
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                      Christopher Thompson


                      PTC claims WF 4.0 can import data through a Feature Recognition Toolkit. It should be interesting to see how this compares to SW FeatureWorks. I have problems getting FeatureWorks to recognize complex geometry or sheetmetal.

                      New and Improved Imported Data Utility ( Texthttp://www.ptc.com/products/proe/wildfire4/preproduction/)

                      With the new Feature Recognition Toolkit you can automatically convert imported geometries into parametric features such as holes, protrusions, rounds, chamfers and patterns.

                      I am not endorsing Pro-E or SolidWorks. To me, a project is a project regardless if it is SolidWorks or Pro-E. I find CosmosWorks Designer and PhotoWorks (both part of SW Office Premium) to be very useful as I have more tools in SW than my current licensing of Pro-E.

                      If the project pays the bills and makes a profit, I will be happy to translate either direction as I use both SW & Pro-E.