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SW 2014 - Simulation Activation SNL

Question asked by Joseph Peroutka on Mar 14, 2016

I recently had to install SolidWorks 2014 on two computers that were re-imaged. On both computers, Windows Update KB3072630 was causing issues preventing certain SW addin’s from installing. Following Ron Chappell’s answer in this thread, I was able to install SW2014 with all the add-ins.


The issue I’m running into now is that I cannot activate the SNL simulation license on either of these computers. Choosing to run the add-in brings up the “Failed to Activate License” message. I tried to follow Ramya’s advice in this thread, but I believe it does not apply to SW2014. Both computers will successfully reserve a standard license off of the SNL when starting SolidWorks. Borrowing the Simulation license still brings up this error when attempting to run the add-in.


Has anyone had this issue?