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Display States in FeatureManager design tree

Question asked by 1-70W0UV on Nov 16, 2007
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2007 by 1-70W0UV

I just moved from SW2006 to SW2008, most ofthe UI changes haven't caused me to much grief. However the DisplayStates portion of the FeatureManager annoys me and I haven't founda way to turn it off.


I often work with parts the have manyconfigurations and work with the FeatureManager split to show theFeatureManager and the Configurations. In SW2008 Display Stateseats up half the Configurations portion with no way that I havefound to change it or turn it off.


Is there no way to change this or did I missit somewhere? My configuration tend to be cylinders in the extendedor retracted positions, so Display States won't work as areplacement for the configurations I'm using.