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sketched bends-flange dimensions change

Question asked by Ken Vojacek on Nov 16, 2007
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2007 by Ken Vojacek
Attached are two simple base features with a sketched bend.
The 2007 part performs as I would expect it to.
The 2008 part  the base flange length changes after thesketched bend is added. It is a substantial.026"
Is this a bug or procedure change?

PS: scratch all that,I cannot get the parts to attach. I'll try toexplain:
1)create a small base flange,I was using .048" thick,make it1" long .
2)sketch a bend on the top surface .100" from and end.
3)bend up at 5deg with whatever radii you wish,I was using .002 ,itdoesn't matter.
4)Now measure the overall length of the flange,it will be.974" long.
5)In a 2007 part it performs as expected,the part is 1.002"long.