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    Time dependent flow (human breath)

    Erik Liermann

      Dear all,


      for a project I am trying to simulate the human breath. For the beginning I would like to enter a table of values to a time depending flow rate.


      Problem 1: The human breath is both, inlet and outlet. I can only choose either in or outlet as a boundary condition for the same face


      Problem 2: I can not say the face is an outlet from sec0 to sec1 and an inlet from sec1 to sec2


      The next step, was making a second port close to the first port. Now I want to use one face as an outlet and the second face as an inlet. I want to have a detailed simulation so I set the time increments to 24 frames per second


      Problem 3: I dont want to insert every single value manually. I cant find any possibility to copy/past an excel table.


      As the human breath can be seen as a sinus, I tried to define the time dependency with the help of a formula.


      Problem 4: If I use a formula I cant see any possibility to set the unit. Is it always m^3/s?


      I hope you can help me with those issues.