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    2008 Cmd Mgr Issue

    Rich Osterreicher
      I tried giving command manager a try..
      So, i have been using it for almost 2 days.
      I wish i could move it.. Still don't like it... But that's another issue..

      Anyway, I set it up how i could use it.. Added & removed buttons, etc..
      Then i start getting "Failed to Save" errors...

      So, I notice a pattern..
      Whenever i modify the command manager. Add custom Tabs.. Change Buttons around.. I get periodic "Failed to Save" error's followed by crashing..
      Upon restarting SW, the CMD Mgr is back to default also..

      Only does this when i modify the Cmd Mgr...
      If i leave it alone, i don't get the failed to save..

      Pretty wierd, Has anyone else experienced this?