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Visualize download hangs during download

Question asked by Brian Hillner Employee on Mar 11, 2016

After navigating to this link to download Visualize (SOLIDWORKS Visualize Product Download | SOLIDWORKS), completing the form and clicking Download Now, some users experience their Visualize download hanging or stalling. Please follow these steps below to remedy this rare issue:


  • Try using Chrome.
  • Press Ctrl+J to show your downloads to double-check whether or not the download is stuck.
  • Next you may want to consider clearing your browser cache, including all the cookies. Make sure to restart the browser after you do this before going back to the Visualize download page.
  • If this fails to rectify the situation another thing you could try is resetting Internet Explorer back to its default settings. It’s very possible an IE setting got changed and could possibly be causing this issue. For example you’re using IE 11, but with a simple setting change it could be running as IE 8.