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Driven and Driving Dimension Colors

Question asked by Jeff Daverio on Mar 11, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2016 by Jeff Daverio

For some reason (in both new drawings and already existing drawings), all of my dimensions in a drawing are black, irregardless of if they are driven or driving (which is a bit frustrating).  Now, when I first noticed this, I went into Options>System Options>Colors and checked what the set colors were (Black and Grey, the defaults).  I have since changed them to green and pink to see if that would do anything (it didn't).  I have tried rebuilding the drawing/part, closing and restarting Solidworks 16.


While this doesn't really effect my work, it would be nice to know what dimensions I can change without having to go into the part, and double clicking all of the dimensions is annoying.


Any ideas?


(Attached is a screenshot of the driving colors option over a part that I imported dimensions into, so in theory, they should all be green (if I double click them, I can edit them))