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    Driven and Driving Dimension Colors

    Jeff Daverio

      For some reason (in both new drawings and already existing drawings), all of my dimensions in a drawing are black, irregardless of if they are driven or driving (which is a bit frustrating).  Now, when I first noticed this, I went into Options>System Options>Colors and checked what the set colors were (Black and Grey, the defaults).  I have since changed them to green and pink to see if that would do anything (it didn't).  I have tried rebuilding the drawing/part, closing and restarting Solidworks 16.


      While this doesn't really effect my work, it would be nice to know what dimensions I can change without having to go into the part, and double clicking all of the dimensions is annoying.


      Any ideas?


      (Attached is a screenshot of the driving colors option over a part that I imported dimensions into, so in theory, they should all be green (if I double click them, I can edit them))

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          Patrick Couture

          There is an option to have the dimensions from a sketch be transferred directly to the drawing views. By default this options is set to "ON" and put every dimensions in black. If you disable this option the text of the dimensions will be pink while the lines of the dimensions remains black.


          I'm not sure this is directly related to your problems but I would not be surprised if it was.



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            Glenn Schroeder

            It could be several things.


            1.  Check your Line Format toolbar and make sure that "Color Display Mode" isn't selected.



            2.  Check your active Layer.  It should be set to "Per Standard".



            3.  Check your Document Properties > Dimension settings to see which Layer the individual dimension types are set to. (Though I think this is less likely.)


            If none of those work can you post your drawing and part here for someone to check?  (Click on the text "Use advanced editor" at top right of the Reply box, then there will be a link at lower right to attach files.)