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Hiding Item Number in BOM for RH LH parts that are grouped

Question asked by Bruce Goodell on Nov 16, 2007
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2007 by Rhett Rathbone
We use SW BOM's to create Manuals for our machines.  When Icallout a right hand part for a right hand machine, I list a lefthand part for a left hand machine.  In the BOM, I can groupthem to show the same item number, but I would like to omit one ofthe item numbers in the BOM.  Kind of like this:

Item   PartNumber    Description                     Qty.    
1        08-001234R    PARTRH                          1
           08-001234L    PART LH                          1            
2        08-001235        DIFFERENTPART          1

Can this be done from inside Solidworks BOM??

Bruce Goodell

SW07 SP5.0