Rick Osborn

SolidWorks File "New", "Open", "Close", etc not behaving well after upgrading from SP4.0 to SP5.0

Discussion created by Rick Osborn on Nov 16, 2007
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2007 by Mark Roelke
Hello All.
Is anyone else experiencing sorting by and column width"sticking"? This is, remembering how it was last used orat least how the Windows Explorer defaults are set. Prior to theupgrade SolidWorks appeared to use the Windows defaults. Now I goto open a file and 1. the column are very narrow and 2. the sort isby name descending. My windows explorer default is descending bytype. I can open another file and now it's sorted by type andascending. I can set a column width so I can read the names ofthings but on the next open file attempt it's right back to thenarrow width. Pretty annoying behavior. I know it's not my videocard. All had been well until the SP5.0 upgrade.