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SolidWorks 2016 PDM Standard

Question asked by Tony Thompson on Mar 11, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 18, 2016 by Tom Cote

I work from my home and am currently using SolidWorks Premium 2015 SP5 and the company I do work for is planning on moving to SW 2016 when SP3 is released and the color icons are added back to the UI.


The company I do work for also has their SolidWorks license using the SolidNetwork License software which was an added purchase for them of over $2,000 dollars but I am the only user and I do not have nor do I want to purchase the SolidNetwork License software which would make no sense since I am the only user at my home.


Based on what I have read about the SolidWorks Standard PDM it requires the SolidNetwork License software and if this is the case the claim that SolidWorks is making that SolidWorks PDM Standard is included with SolidWorks 2016 Professional and Premium is a lie or at the very least misleading.


My hopes was that this isn't the case and that I would be able to VPN into the computer hosting the vault so that I could upload my projects into their vault and that the file references would be maintained.


Currently I have folders that are shared on my computer and then I map them to the same drive letters that they use for their library components and their customer project files so that when I upload them onto the server all of the referenced files will retain their folder paths and this is working well they are able to open my assemblies without having to re-link the referenced files.


How would this work if they are using SolidWorks PDM Standard or SolidWorks PDM Professional?


They are planning on starting with the standard version and if it works out they will move to the Professional version but they want to test the waters before investing in a new server to host the vault on an SQL server and the added licensing cost.


Also even though I work at home and have a standalone SolidWorks license and have no reason to use the SolidNetwork License software will I be forced to use it and have the added expense of not only purchasing it but having to maintain a subscription for it as well as my SolidWorks license?


If this is the case then SolidWorks is screwing all of the users out there that work alone from home and have standalone license and forcing them to purchase software that then do not want or need.


I am growing increasingly concerned with the direction that Dassault is heading and with  the quality of the latest releases. SolidWorks 2012 was rock solid and I rarely had crashes with it and I only used SW 2014 for a couple of months before moving to SW 2015 and I now have several crashes per day. I have a new Dell T5810 workstation with the Nvidia K2200 and 32gb of ram and I also have a Dell M6800 with the Nvidia K5100 and 8gb of ram that I use when I am remote which isn't very often but both are good solid workstations and since moving to SW 2015 it isn't very stable on either and from what I am reading SW 2016 is also still very buggy and people are having a lot of issues.


I NEVER do and upgrade from one version to the next I always do a complete uninstall then a fresh new install to the newer version and I haven't had any issues or errors during the install and I am using newer hardware so I know it is SolidWorks and not my system and I have been doing this for over 25 years so I am familiar with computers and networks and was the IT as well a Engineer at the (2) companies I have worked for most of my career.


I would appreciate any solutions that someone may know about for me to be able to transfer my project files to my customers server without loosing all of the file references if I am not using SolidWorks PDM and do not have a vault on my system.