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New user from IV, what are some of the SWX equivalent commands?

Question asked by Joe Schmo on Mar 11, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2016 by Joe Schmo

So I'm new to SWX and come from the IV world.  I was wondering if someone could give me the equivalent SWX command to that in IV?  I do searches but because the terminology is different I find myself having trouble finding them. Also there's a few features I've seen in various videos I'm having trouble finding how to add to my interface.


A. Adaptive and or Flexible assy.

B.  How do I get to the list of parameters and their formulas?

C.  iMates

D. iAssy's

E. iParts

F. FDS assets

G. How do I get the surface tab as part of the Features tab and not a standalone menu?

H. Insert constraint.  It's technically a surface mate constraint and axis mate constraint rolled into one but is a nice feature.

I. Is there a selection wheel?  All I've found is the select other option which I find somewhat less preferable.

J.  How do I get the feature wheel option to show?  I've seen this in videos and it looks nice.

K.  Where can I find a list of the shortcuts keys?

L.  Why do I see a constraint option only sometimes and usually only for a split second.  I typically need to select items>right-click> pray the options to add constraints shows up.  Often with sketch constraints and lots of other items like hide/show I will see the option but the second I move my cursor to the option the box disappears.

M. Adaptive parts.

N. FDS connectors