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SW2016 Freezing when opening Part or Assembly

Question asked by Cuinn Herrick on Mar 10, 2016
Latest reply on May 29, 2018 by Cuinn Herrick

Does anyone else experience a crash whenever trying to open a part or assembly since updating to SW2016? I have been tolerating this problem for 3 months now hoping it would be resolved with SP2.0.


Unless I have opened a drawing first, the Command Manager seems to freeze SW 90% of the time (see image for reference) as it doesn't seem to load? The task pain doesn't seem to resize also correctly also. Once and if a part or assembly has loaded, everything works as normal. Although it will freeze when I maximise or restore down the window with a part or assembly open, not a drawing though.


I have tried the following rectifications with no avail:

    1. Turned off and on certain user interface features (turning off status bar seems to make it worse)
    2. Turned off and on all the features of command manager
    3. Updated the graphics driver
    4. Upgraded to the latest SP’s
    5. Reinstalled SW (not sure how much more of a clean reinstall I can do)


Any suggestions other than reinstalling the OS (Windows 8.1)? It doesn't happen on my colleagues computer since updating (he is windows 7).  have also contacted my VAR.