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Can't set up simulation and motion in 2015

Question asked by Alexey Yuritsyn on Mar 10, 2016


I have 2 problems. 1) I used SW 2015 on windows 8 and SW worked properly, everything worked. I bought another computer with windows 10 but when  I set up the same folder somehow simulation and motion are not even avaiable in add-ins. Ticks are put certainly in component window during the installation. of course, I tried to reinstall it but with no positive result. Why can it happen?


2) while I was fighting with problem mentioned above I set up SW 16 and all add-ins are avaiable BUT it gives an error like "creating a report about error" and it closes. It happened 6 times for an hour approximately which became highly annoying, of course. Does anybody know how to solve any of problems?

Thank you in advance.