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Feature Request - Historical Surface Offset

Question asked by Grant Ottaway on Mar 10, 2016

When modelling a part I like to group all related features into a folder so that it's easy to understand the design intent and for other people to modify. An example of this is screw bosses, I like to have the bosses, ribs and other related features in a folder, quite often these features require an offset surface to extrude upto or trim a feature with. However more often than not this feature needs to be created further up the feature tree and therefore can't be grouped with the other screw boss features.. It would be great if you could have a historical surface offset feature, this would allow you to group the feature with all the other related features.


How would it work? I think a tick box in the offset feature labeled historical feature, this would allow you to roll the part back within the offset surface feature to select the faces you need.


I imagine this could be rolled out to other features as well, but offset surface would be the big one for me.


What are other peoples thoughts?