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Toolbox - Import large amount of new part numbers

Question asked by David Faszer on Mar 10, 2016

I am just getting started with setting up my toolbox and am wondering if there is a way to import an excel file that has a lot of new part numbers on it.


I am using the MIL/Washers/Flat. However, just looking at the default layout of the washer, it only has ~60 configurations. The Mil-Std that I plan on using (MS15795) has a lot more (couple hundred?). I know I can export the data from toolbox, to excel, to add custom fields like part numbers and descriptions and can then import it back into toolbox and the fields will be populated. But when I try to add new part numbers to the bottom of the file or change the default size of the washer, none of those fields import with it. I also already have an existing excel file that has all of the data that I could easily copy over.


As it is now, the only way I know to add more fasteners is the + button on the top of Size Tab and from there I can also edit any of the existing parts. This way seems to be a very long process to check all of the existing parts for any duplicates that I may add, and then to add the rest of the part numbers.


Is there a way to help automate this process? Either by importing an excel file or maybe creating a new global part (new washer as opposed to new part number within the washer)?


Using SW2015


Edit: I noticed that the Mil-Std for the washer example are all there and the additional part numbers in the Mil-Std are just for different materials which is easy to add, but in going thru other fasteners, I have noticed some that do not have all of the part numbers called out in the Mil-Std.