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SWE PLC manager didn't update the PLC's in drawings

Question asked by Kiril Kiriakov on Mar 10, 2016

Very strange ?! In the beginning it look's that SWE PLC manager is super flexible, but the reality  is different. This is my experiment:

  1. In Project tab -> Configuration -> PLC drawings, I set all necessary setting. The idea is SWE to draw all my PLC's with just one click.
  2. In Project tab -> PLC -> PLC manufacturing part, I added new PLC and after that I generated I/O Mnemonics. Select the I/O you like, pres right mouse button and choose "Add a new PLC input/output".
  3. Pres "Generate PLC Drawing" and have all PLC card with input signal with macro you assigned to PLC inputs/outputs.

But I don't want to use the macros by default, I made a new macros for PLC I/O for my needs. I saved them as "PLC input/output" macro and in Configuration -> PLC I assigned the new macro to input card. And whne I pressed "Generate PLC Drawing" - SWE asked me if I want to update, I said yes, SWE returned that the update is done and nothing happened - all the PLC's input were the same, they didn't change at all, were with the first macro! I try not to use my macro just change the one I've already used. And again nothing. The only one way to update the PLC on my schematics was to delete all my drawings with PLC on them and regenerate them again.  But if I have more element on them, I will loose them .... it terrible.

So I want to ask how to update PLC then I change macro, or just add new one of free terminal after I've  already generate PLC ? If I miss something or just have one shot and after that I have manually change what I want?