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In Context References in Components Crash CircuitWorks

Question asked by Ryan Foss on Mar 10, 2016

I have to use CircuitWorks Daily. The use of any in-context reference in a component crashes CW. Even if the references are broken, it still crashes CircuitWorks. In some instances where it doesn't crash, it inserts entire old PCB assys into the part that referenced it in-context. Examples of this are:

-Use and insert part to add to an extruded block model to make a realistic component. As CircuitWorks tries to add the component it crashes.

-Place a part in your assembly and then use Join to make the component take on this part (like insert part but you get to use all the mate features in assembly to place the part into the component). Now, this component will forever crash CircuitWorks as the Model is attempted to be built, even if the references were broken. The even more crazy thing is that CircuitWorks actually goes out and gets the PCB assembly that the part/component was edited in context to, and inserts the entire PCB assy into the model. Crazy. Sometimes it doesn't crash and manages to accomplish this.

-Edit a part in context to an assembly and the same happens.


I am running 2016 SP02 and importing pads ASCII files (This happened in SP00, SP01). It is so frustrating as the entire library we built is unusable because parts have references.


I see this issue reported in the Knowledge base I believe. Has anyone else run into this, have a fix, or know more? I tried modifying all the settings as to how SW handles parts with external references upon open to no avail.


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CircuitWorks - Export

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Unable to open parts from assemblies after building model from CircuitWorks where component is linked to assembly model




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