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    Visualize Licence

    Greg Hynd



      I have installed visualise at home on my laptop, I have tried to activate it using my solidworks serial, but it says it cant contact the servers. Firstly, can you activate multiple installs with the same serial? I have it activated already on my work PC.


      Secondly what do I do if it cant contact the servers?



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          Alex Hilgenberg



          I have similar problem.


          I did activate Visualize at work and it worked fine.

          Now, I got a new PC – I installed SW Visualize but I was unable to activate it with my serial key. “Please contact your support…”.


          After talking to SW reseller, I got some hot news…


          In order to activate Visualize on other PC you have to deactivate the old one!

          That cannot be done in my case, coz my PC is already taken away from our IT division.

          In such cases SW itself can be reset by the support (reseller) by deleting already know hardware ID’s – meaning that it would be like doing your first installation and activation.


          But this option is not available for SW-Visualize (at least for my reseller).



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              Greg Hynd



              I thought the standard visualize licence was free anyway, so why cant it be installed on multiple computers I wonder?

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                  Alex Hilgenberg

                  Ahh ok, I missed the fact that it was standard. I am talking about Professional.

                  But anyway, I did download Visualize form the website of SW, after a log-in, without choosing the version (if I remember correctly) – so it was Professional by itself.

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                      Brian Hillner

                      Hi Alex,

                      Tell your reseller to contact internal SW Technical Support for the fix.


                      We recently enabled only core members of the internal SW Technical Support team with the authority to "check back in" Visualize licenses from scenarios such as yours.


                      In the future, with our 2017 Visualize release and beyond, resellers will have the option to do this themselves.

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                      Brian Hillner

                      The free seat of Visualize Standard that is available to download for all SW Pro & Prem users on active Subscription mirrors the number of eligible seats of SW CAD within a company.


                      For example, if a company has 1 seat of SW CAD Pro and are on active Subs, then they receive only 1 seat of Visualize Standard. If a company has 10 seats of SW CAD Pro and 5 seat of SW CAD Premium, then they will receive 15 seats of Visualize Standard for free, to then be installed on any computer within the company. Since SW Visualize is a separate product, it does not occupy the SW CAD license, so 3D modeling and 3D visualization can happen in parallel.