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Unable to select line entities on a drawing?

Question asked by Michael Devillier on Mar 9, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2019 by Bill Bothe



Have used SolidWorks for years, but some time ago ran into something had never experienced before.  Using Release 2015, and was on Sp1.

Was dimensioning a drawing, then went to dimension to a line and SW would not select the line.  Started trying other areas on the drawing - same thing.


Called up other drawings that were referenced to models in other projects....try to select a line entity, or vertex points, to dimension....and nothing.

SW would not give the familiar orange highlight as it confirmed entity selections.  Wrote a report to vendor tech support...they were never much help in resolving.

Wanted me to pack up the first model/drawing set where the issue arose andsend to them.  Did that, but told them it was affecting all drawings.


I could not identify any switch or setting I may have triggered to cause this.  Got tired of waiting on tech support from vendor, so just had IT patch my workstation up to SP5.  After the SP5 install....all was normal again. Until just a few moments ago, and this has happened again.  Cannot select any line entities on a drawing to place dimension, whether it be an existing drawing or a new generated sheet.


Anyone else run into this?  Ideas on how to resolve, other than re-installing software.  In 5-1/2 years, over 4 releases, never experienced this.

Thanks in advance...