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    Is there a text book to learn solidworks?

    Paul Greenberg

      I'm looking to learn Solidworks for my small business. I'm a small manufacture with injection moulding

      looking to switch to 3D printing. Thanks.

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          Jeff Holliday

          There are a large number of books available which are very helpful depending on what type of use you are intending. There are also some very good online educational companies (SolidProfessor, I-get-it, etc). Depending on your personal learning traits, I would not rule out taking an introductory course at a SolidWorks Value-added reseller or a school in your area. These will cost a bit more than the books but you have a better chance of not developing some bad habits which could significantly decrease productivity.

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            J. Mather

            I passed the CSWP simply by going through the built-in tutorials. (OK, I did have prior experience in other MCAD softwares - but the built-in tutorials are good and there are enough to keep you busy for a while.)


            Go through the Tutorials and ask questions here.

            In the end though, SolidWorks is a professional program and deserves (requires?) a professional level of preparation.